Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Beauty in the Day...

Yesterday I saved the roses
that were wilting in the vase.

I have learned from my Mother,
from other Mothers,
from monasteries,
how important it is to have a home be beautiful.

What we put in our homes show
what and who we love.
Putting roses by icons,
lighting lampadas,
having a prayer corner,
it all matters,
it is all life building on life.

I really appreciated this blog post
to remind us to look for beauty
not just at the ugliness of our world.
It is a spiritual discipline,
one I am still learning.

I'm still having lots of tired spells.
Been in the house for two days again.
Tomorrow I hope for no rain and that
I can be out in the courtyard.
It is so hard to be patient
and then I realize again
how much I need to practice thanksgiving.
I have so much to be thankful for:

Some lovely things came in the mail;
a card from a dear dear friend.
A book from Powell's books

I've already started reading it.
I hope to write more on it later.
It is a topic,
beauty in the home,
that is very important to me.
If she had been Orthodox,
wow, how much this would of changed things.
I think her understanding of the importance of
creating beauty in the home
as being integral to being a Christian
would of found a depth that is missing in this book,
as in there is not a chapter on the fasts and feasts
or how bringing in the life of the church
into one's home
is of vital importance.
It's why I started the series Faith @ Home.

I really do wish for any and all comments or
emails on this topic.
I am hoping that my series can be one of the
sources that can help and inspire others
as we all seek to bring the faith of the church
into our homes...
It is important for women to know how to bring
the faith into one's home.
A good friend of mine encouraged me in this,
saying that it is an important way also to
teach children.
Speaking of this,
Mat. Emily's learning baskets are a great
place to go for the feasts and fasts for children.
Also see her festal learning baskets.
Do check them out!
If you have any suggestions for me
or book titles on homemaking, family, church and traditions,
not to mention recipes and how food for certain
feasts and fasts in our church,
do let me know!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Making God Real in the Orthodox Christian Home by Fr Antony Coniaris is one I read about 20 years ago and enjoyed.

Michelle M. said...

Your photos are lovely, as always! I try so hard to keep my home beautiful, but decorating never seems to happen. Originally, I thought we were only going to live in this house for a few short years. Now, it seems like we are going to be here for a while so it is time for me to begin settling it. The crazy thing is that we have been here for four years already.

Amy said...

I'm so happy that you are doing this series. I don't know of many good sources for this information. I have the aforementioned book and think it's pretty basic. I think that with your skills as a librarian and a homemaker as well as your love for Christ and his church and your experiences with cradle Orthodox with beautiful traditions will allow you to do an excellent job. I'm looking forward to your posts very much!