Friday, July 12, 2013

Festive Fish Dinner (new to me recipe)

Made a new recipe.
Mr. Husband and I had
Tilapia for dinner yesterday as
it was a feast day for
Sts. Sergius and Herman of Valaam.
We did not have a lot of time
to make anything special
(nor did I have tons of energy)
so I grabbed my vintage 1962
Joy of Cooking...

And found a simple recipe
for baking them with
some white wine.

Very simple.

We found it needed salt and pepper;
I realize that I should of added a bit of lemon juice,
since I did not have the prescribed
lemon wedges.

The sauce for the fish.

Our fish.

We also had organic grapes...

We fried up lots of potatoes and some mushrooms
for side dishes.
It was pretty good
but not our favourite as it was a bit bland.
I am thinking some onion and lemon,
salt and pepper in the baking would
greatly improve it for next time!
Would love to know how you fix fish
 when one is short
on time.
Any you ideas wish to share?


Juliana said...

When I was still able to eat tilapia, the two ways I made it was to pan saute it in garlic and olive oil with lemon juice (just eyeball it) or to marinate in fajita marinade and then cook in a pan until sauce gets somewhat dry. The latter is super yummy!

Athanasia said...

Baste it with Italian salad dressing (any kind will do) and broil it. I also like it basted with Cornell Sauce ( then broiled. Or I've also basted with butter, garlic and onion powder and sprinkled lightly with bread crumbs. That's really yummy.