Thursday, August 01, 2013

Marriage ~ things that help us

(photo by our wonderful wedding photographers)

Here are a few more lessons* on what helps us:

4. Laughter

Having a sense of humour is really helpful.
when Mr. Husband and I have a disagreement,
cracking a joke not only
breaks the tension
but distracts us and puts us back in a more
relaxed ready to love each other position again.
It's magical how much it can help at times.

5. Time Away, Time Together

Sometimes we need a breather to think things though.
It is OK to let the other one know that one
needs time to think about a topic before
talking about it.

Time together where we are outside of
what we normally are doing
can be a real blessing.

Can be as simple as reading out loud to each other
or watching the rare video together.
Or going to a nearby place that is beautiful
and walking around.

Mr. Husband and I both love beauty and taking a walk to
see a some nice architecture is something
we both find enjoyable.

I've seen it in couples also that
have children;
a date night or time away can be really helpful.

6. Reading a Book Out Loud

I am blessed with a husband who loves the things I also love
and we are both open to new things and
loving what the other loves that we did not know of yet.

For me that has meant being introduced
to GK Chesterton and wondering
where his writings have been all my life.

The art of reading out loud used to be one that was
very common and a normal source of entertainment.
I am blessed with a husband who does not
want a TV and we have a lot of joy
in hearing a book with beautiful
turns of phrase
great characters, like Archimandrite Nathaniel in Everyday Saints,
or a long poem that just comes alive when reading it
out loud,
like Chesterton's Ballad of the White Horse.

*Note:  As is obvious since I have been married less than one year... my lessons learned on marriage are ongoing and of course are not replacing the many good sources on marital harmony or help. Talking to one's priest, to a counselor whose goal is to sustain marriages and many books may be of help.
 A few books I know of on marriage are found here.  If anything, you can see my 'lessons learned' as a celebration of what I am learning as a wife and what we have discovered.

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Michelle M. said...

I love that mentioned time away and time together. I think they are both very important, too.