Thursday, August 22, 2013

Second Thursday of the Dormition Fast

Yesterday not only did I bake
the peach crisp...

But I made one of Mr. Husband and I's favourites:
fried onions and potatoes in olive oil.

This pan was my parent's.
The handle fell off again yesterday and
I distractedly put the handle on upside down.
But I think it is funny,
so it stays.

The potatoes were wonderful and
there is enough of both the
potatoes and mushrooms for another meal!

We are loving the summer tomatoes. 

This morning it stormed...
was so wonderful to light candles in the
grey of the morning.

Lampadas never cease in their
light and giving of hope...

Our little Dormition Icon...
with St. John and St. Phanourios

It all points back to Christ...
His Cross, the light of His Resurrection... 
I think we are all praying that we will
be revived,
that like the flowers, that
our lives too will bud forth with fruits...


Martha said...

Oh, that peach crisp looks scrumptious! And so do the onions and potatoes. I haven't made those yet this short fast... Those tomatoes are orange?!! Beautiful. ♥ That's my favorite icon of St. George. When I had my appendix out, my father wrote me a card with that icon on the front. I also like that old Novgorod style the best, simple and prayerful.

elizabeth said...

Thanks! It was good, even better the next day! Yes, they are orange! taste really good! from local farmer's market!

Yes, it's such a good one, isn't it... St. George is so wonderful! How special of your father to give you this card!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Peach crisp - sounds amazing!