Friday, August 16, 2013

A different world ~ planes, logging and big game hunting

Sunday afternoon
a cousin and his friend came up
to the reunion.
Long story short:
they both own logging companies,
do a bit of leading big game hunts and the
one is a pilot.
A very different life
and it was interesting to meet them.

The left Monday morning after
breakfast for the Northern most part of Canada.

A bunch of us went down to the lake to
see them off.

Such beauty was there
in that day and in that plane taking off
on the lake...

There was this sense of excitement as we watched them...

I can still hear the plane's motors as they
went faster and fast on that lake...

Lifting off the water...

Into the air...

A small plane
getting smaller and smaller...

They circled around,
went near to us and
dipped the wing to say goodbye...

Last we saw of them,
a small dot in the sky...
It was quite something.
That was the last morning we were there,
cleaning up the camp,
having a last meal and saying how much we
loved our time there and
appreciated the home-cooked meals.
There were between 35 and 50 of us there that weekend....
Mr. Husband's father comes from a large family....
it was so beautiful...

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Victoria said...

what a neat series of photos! love it. you've captured a moment.