Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Last moments of Northren BC

Mr. Husband and I had such a wonderful time
talking with the young 20's woman
who is Mr. Husband's cousin's daughter, J. :)
We recommended Tim Keller's book on
marriage while talking to her and
it brought back such memories for me of
all the goodness and happiness I had in my 20's.
There was sadness too of course,
like my spiritual mother at
camp dying of cancer when I was in my first full
year in BC and at TWU.
But the reunion reminded me of the happy times.
When I was 19 I had such a beautiful year,
being at camp with other Christian friends,
three of them from BC one from Alberta
and the sunshine at camp,
the beautiful lake.
One of my dear friends from TWU went to camp
one summer with me
(two of my TWU friends came in those years)
and I saw her for lunch with Mr. Husband...
It was so good to remember the happy times...

Smithers was really beautiful.
I had never been before.
Of course we had the best summer weather
and there is a lot of snow and cold in the winter
but it was such a happy visit for us.
Smithers as a town was having their 100th anniversary this year...

Mr. Husband and I had a walk that night...

We talked again about the gift of our marriage.
We talked with the young woman who drove us
into Smithers about how we ask daily
for God to protect our marriage.
I have dear friends whose marriages have struggled
over the years and both of us are old enough to
know that it takes a lot of work to be married
and that we want our marriage to flourish,
not fail... 

So this apparently is the hospital there.
I've studied how to do consumer health in Canada
and it was cool for me to see a
'Northern Health' building...
I could not help but think about how this building would
contain so much drama that we find in our lives here...

Just having a walk with Mr. Husband is such a blessing!

We of course went to Tim Horton's.
What Canadian trip would be complete without this? :)

We can't say that it is
'naturopath approved' but on the other hand,
there were not too many options near our hotel... 

Flowers are so much of summer for me...

Smithers is great.
They have a bear in their airport! 

You know you are not in the city
when you see this sign at the airport... :)
We sure had fun! 

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