Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Fast for us begins

The Dormition fast is only 2 weeks long,
which means the
new calendar / old calendar difference of 13 days
means that the Orthodox among us,
including Mr. Husband and myself,
only fast for one day together for this beautiful
summer fast.
We began the fast yesterday,
while Mr. Husband was working from home.
I was so ready for this fast.
While it signals the near end of summer,
I am ready;
ready for a bit of stability,
ready for hot tea and beautiful leaves.
But at the same time
I must savour where I am.
And so we are here,
at the beginning of the beautiful fast
for the Mother of God and
her dormition.

With the fast this year
came Mr. Husband's purchase of some sweet corn.
I made it for our lunch;
we are realizing that having a bigger meal at lunch time,
esp. for those days Mr. Husband works from home,
works best for us.

Thank God a dear friend gave me this cookbook
for my wedding.

Quickly I saw how to cook
sweet corn.

It was so wonderful.

Vegan 'butter' for the corn
and salt and pepper.

I've been reusing the jars we
got from the wedding this past weekend.

I got some organic green grapes.

Using some lovely wooden napkin holders
I got years ago in Halifax.

Enjoying some farmers market tomatoes.
Organic greens, carrots and potatoes.
We are so glad to be home,
to be eating our fasting fare and
it is so wonderful to have the
Dormition fast with us.
For this fast I am off of FB and
am trying to limit my computer time
a bit more.
It takes time to reorient one's self to being home
after being gone for nearly 2 weeks.
One step at a time,
with God's mercy and the prayers
of the Mother of God....


Matushka Anna said...

Blessed fast to you! A lovely table...

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Every blessing to you and may the Fast be profitable and blessed! Your table looks, as always, beautiful :-)