Thursday, August 08, 2013

Returning after 10 Years Away

I started this blog
through the online encouragement
of another new blogger
from St. Herman's.
In the early years,
the Spruce Island blog
was quite active
it was such a joy.
Some of us were new to Ottawa
another in Ontario
and we all joined in the fun.
Now, a good 8 years later,
here I am,
married, back in the States,
returning to BC for the first time in 10 years.
While I miss Ottawa
returning to BC where I did undergrad,
so much growing and fell in love with
the Orthodox church
and became a catechumen just a month or so before
I left...
I am excited to return,
though I am not sure how my health will be...
I am writing this post before I leave
but it will not be posted until after I return.
Mr. Husband and I are security conscious that way.
A full week away in Canada and not to familiar Ottawa
but the places that I left when I was 26.
Here I am less than 4 years to 40 and returning.
So what to bring?

I will have to leave behind my pins.

We will leave our local churches
and their beauty.

Our lampadas will be waiting for us.
We hope to go to vespers at my first
church the Wednesday before we
head back.
Oh to see my first church and it's beauty!

I will leave my kitchen,
with all it's beauty.
I hope to leave it cleaner than this picture.
I will leave my
September School Blanket and stitching.
I am packing some icons, prayer books,
knitting needles, yarn...

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

A safe and blessed visit to you both!