Friday, August 23, 2013

If you like the book Everyday Saints...

May God Give You Wisdom! The Letters of Fr. John Krestiankin (published by Sretensky Monastery and St. Xenia Skete)

Mr. Husband and I loved
reading Everyday Saints
out loud in the evenings...
We were given this book,
May God Give You Wisdom!
as a gift earlier this year.
It contains the letters of
Fr. John who is in the book
Everyday Saints.
This book of letters became my reading for
Great Lent.
We have just begun reading it out loud
as our new book to share together.
It's a great way to have some spiritual reading
in one's day and something we
really treasure about our days.
Fr. John figures prominently in the book
Everyday Saints.
(You can read about Fr. John here from the
Everyday Saints website).
You can see more about the book of
Fr. John's letters here,
where the author of Everyday Saints,
Archimandrite Tikon,
writes an essay about Fr. John as
one of his spiritual sons.
Mr. Husband and I just began reading
this book out loud in our evening
reading time.
We are already loving this book
of Fr. John's letters...
If you can get your hand on a copy,
count yourself blessed!


Sara said...

Thank you for this recommendation. I truly enjoyed reading Everyday Saints earlier this year, so May God Give You Wisdom sounds like a perfect choice for more reading.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

This is going on my "To buy" list!

elizabeth said...

Your welcome Sara! It is a really good book ~ but one that Mr. Husband and I agree has to be read more slowly as it has so much to say.

Elizabeth ~ I think you will love it.

GretchenJoanna said...

Oh...I knew about both books but I didn't pay attention to the fact that the Fr. John's are the same person. :-)