Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beautiful Weekend!

Mr. Husband and I only had one
day in between our travels from BC
and our travels for a wedding.

The wedding day was most beautiful.

We were given many wonderful treats to take back home!

I was moved by seeing this icon of St. Mary of Egypt

and of St. Zosimas.
The story of these two saints is beautiful.

The wedding was full of beauty.
I loved seeing how the parents blessed their child with
their wedding icon.

The bride was beautiful ~ goes without saying!

The reception was lovely.
I love the daisies. 

Mr. Husband and I got to take our
glasses home.
Love them.
Such a simple, beautiful and practical idea.

The head table.

Beautiful barn where they danced later.

Beautiful lights, lines and simple flowers and
colours of summer.
I got home and saw this verse
that was on the day of their wedding.
What a wonderful blessing!


Michelle M. said...

Such lovely photos!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

That must have been a glorious wedding! Every blessing and Many Years to the newly married couple!

Martha said...

How nice that you two were able to go to A and J's wedding! I saw their pictures on Facebook. ♥ I think the mason jars and simple flowers made for such a sweet wedding reception.