Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A quiet rainy day in mid-August

It was so great just to be home,
eating salad and leftovers!

We enjoyed some cookies from the
wedding we went to.

I am so happy to be home
and light our lampadas again.

We got an early wedding anniversary for our
first year of marriage from dear friends.

A lovely postcard too!
Today is the first time
I've been by myself for a day
in almost two weeks...
I plan on lots of rest, knitting and quiet...


Michelle M. said...

It must feel refreshing to get some peace and quiet. Enjoy!

October Rose said...

Beautiful as visiting and traveling can be, it is always wonderful to come home again. :)

Is the big icon hanging on the wall in the middle an icon of St. Michael?

elizabeth said...

Thanks Michelle:)

O.R. - it is an icon of St. George actually... but from how I took the picture I can see how you saw this

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

There's no place like home!