Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Northern BC and Family

Our Aunt took my sister-in-law,
nephew and myself to the train
for the Vancouver airport.
We meet my beloved Mr. Husband there
and he got to meet his newest nephew
for the first time.
I will never forget his smile as he held this baby.
We flew into Smithers BC
and I promptly at my sister-in-law's urging,
took a picture or two of the
kubota pulling the luggage cart.

We were suddenly in beautiful sunshine
and Mountains of Northren BC!

Flying a smaller plane,
I was so happy to be with Mr. Husband
and to hear all about his trip into BC
which he had just made that day.

Queen Elizabeth picture.
All felt well in this small Northern city.
I've always loved the cities that are still
more connected to rural life...

We found out later it was the 100th year
anniversary of the town.

Uncle N. drove us to the camp
that we stayed at
and we all found the house on the camp's grounds that
we had rented for our extended family
at the family reunion.
I was so happy to be back with BC living
Canadians who were also Dutch and Christians.
The Aunts and Uncles with their
Dutch accents and/or Canadian accents.
I forgot how BC folk say
'right on' with that particular accent and
how wonderful it was to see familiar Canadian brands
and be at such a beautiful spot.
How could I forget how God's world has so much beauty!?
It was a wonderful beginning to a weekend that
from the beginning I was wishing in some ways that
it would never end...


Dasha D. said...

The nature is very beautiful!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What wonderful views!