Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Thinking about Families

Been pondering
for quite sometime
about families.
Now that I am in a family of two
plus Cleo the Cat
it does need to be pondered.

{Pictures from church of the
beautiful wedding we were at this summer}
I have been thinking about how
families grow together.

I really see that families often grow,
even turn corners,
Often through much struggle, sometimes strife
and always with a lot of work and
sometimes with an amount of upheaval.
I see a lot of God's mercy in families.
I have seen a family go to a monastery and have their
lives be strengthened, gain new directions,
and become peaceful.
I have seen how prayers at monasteries
can impact the world,
the families prayed for and
the one there...
I have been blessed to see Orthodox families who all go
to confession struggle and keep on in the struggle
and little by little,
light comes; a realization; a decision; a way forward.
I am realizing how much prayer
is needed for this.
How the Holy Trinity must be included
in our families.
How prayer,
however small,
must be done.
I am seeing how one must wait, be patient and
pray and ask God for the needs, the protection
and growth of the family.
Of course,
I, newly married of less than 11 months,
am still learning.
What have you learned in your family?
What things to you see as helping your family grow?
What keeps things stable when times are rough?
How do you seek out blessings and protection for your family?
Would love to hear!

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