Friday, August 16, 2013


Lampadas are lit.
Small icon for the fast of Holy Dormition that we are in.

Mr. Husband taught me a new way
to make corn on the cob in a hurry.
Take the pre-shucked still husked corn
(not cut in half or anything that would keep
the husk from being broken),
soak it with running water from kitchen sink
microwave as such for 3 minutes.
Steamed corn in 3 minutes.
Careful as it will be hot.
Cool slightly, shuck the still hot corn and

We are enjoying fruit salad.
I need to get more fruit for a basket for the
Feast of Transfiguration that is
DV this Monday.

Cleo is sitting by my chair as I type.

Mr. Husband remembered how
some pray special prayers during this fast.
I found the following here:
"Many churches and monasteries in the Russian tradition will perform the Lenten services on at least the first day of the Dormition Fast. During the Fast, either the Great Paraklesis (Supplicatory Canon) or the Small Paraklesis are celebrated every evening except Saturday evening and the Eves of the Transfiguration and the Dormition.[1]"
We are constantly seeking to find ways
to build a life together that
involves prayer, the fasts and feasts and living our lives
I am reading more of Dave Ramsey's book
which I still struggle with on terms of the goal of being rich
rather than the goal of seeking Christ's kingdom and
using what we have for this purpose
but or on the other hand
I can see how this book is really
important for many people...
to know how to do budgets, his encouragement to not give
into peer pressure when buying things and
learning to wait and not have instant
gratification in terms of purchases
and basically not living a fake life,
i.e. one that makes one appear to be what they are not.
Our world here in North America is crazy that way and
I can see how this book is important.
I, being decidedly North American, like how he talks about
baby steps and having a plan.
It's one thing Mr. Husband and I both like:
plans, goals and communication towards them.
We are hoping to get Elder Paisos' book on family soon
as we want to keep reading things on
marriage and family.
We have a good young marriage of almost one year
and we want to keep working on things so that
our marriage will grow into many years,
And so it goes, on day three of the beautiful short fast
of Holy Dormition. 


Martha said...

I've come to ♥ the summer fasts...when we get to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables that God has given us! Happy Dormition fast to you!!! And I need to get more fruit for Transfiguration, too. It's become our tradition to have the tiny champagne grapes in our basket, and also tomatoes from our backyard garden!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Thinking of you both as you keep the Dormition Fast with such devotion!