Monday, August 19, 2013

God's mercy pour out

I never tired of looking at these hills.

One of my new uncles is sick with cancer.
An Aunt too.
The Uncle left early to go to Prince George for
treatment. He sees that his illness can only be
But he said how much more real his faith in God is
because of his suffering.
He was thinking of the war he was in decades ago
and why all the killing?
We as a family discussed how this is
and what does God think of it.
Another uncle talked about how sometime we slip up,
missing church or our daily prayers and
how we cannot think we have it all together
as we all fall and all are in need of God.
I saw my father-in-law praying with his older brother
who has cancer.
While in line for a meal, I commented to this
Uncle who was thinking over his life and the war he was in and
said all in the end comes to asking God for His mercy
and the Uncle agreed quickly and strongly.

I can't tell you enough how
beautiful it is when family is strong in
our Lord Jesus Christ.

I wish that the next generations could see the
beauty I see in the Aunts and Uncles who
are immigrated from Holland with
their accents, their love for the Lord and the
energy they give to living life with their families.

I can't tell you how grateful I am to God
for this trip.
How even more when I am with my family or
my new family of Mr. Husband's
I see the mercy of God.
This time and at this camp
reminded me of the beauty, the hope in God
and of deep friendships that come between Christians.

One of the younger ones
who loves God took Mr. Husband and I to
Smithers after the reunion.
We talked about God, books (including Francis Schaffer,
GK Chesterton and Tim Keller's book on marriage) and how
God is working in our lives.
 This young 20's woman who loves God so much
has a father that Mr. Husband told me
had said that years ago he had only to prayers:
that he would marry his wife
(this young woman's mother)
and have his farm.
His prayers were beautiful, simple and came true.
How is that I also was given such mercy from God?
Surely it was not for anything I did.
Instead I think it was the generosity of the Lord giving
to me part of the heritage of my Christian family
of generations.
We can only hope and pray for
the next generation to stay faithful
to God while we also seek His mercy.
In time we all need this prayer:
Lord save us whether we will it or not.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

May God grant all of us all the things needful for our wellbeing and salvation......Lord have mercy on your loved ones who are ill.

Martha said...

So many lovely pictures! It's wonderful to hear of your conversations with your in-laws that are so spiritually uplifting.
P.S. I got a letter in the mail today (from YOU)! ♥ Thank you!!!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Elizabeth...Yes!
Martha ~ thanks ~ it was a real blessing of a time ~ you are welcome :)