Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Full Days in BC with Mr. Husband

It was so beautiful.
Even my best pictures cannot capture it.

I met so many of Mr. Husband's family.
Cousins not seen in 20 or more years.
Uncles and Aunts.
Dutch, Christian, welcoming.
When I was talking to Uncle J. back in Vancouver
about it, he commented how
it sounded like the ones who were coming to the
family reunion were the ones,
for the most part,
had remained Christians and valued family.
I told Mr. Husband how I was reminded so much
of my camp days and the Christians I knew there.
The beautiful lake,
the farm lands, the hills with rolled bails of hay.
Uncle J. commented how there really is a double
bond with family when they are also Christians.
We really felt it.
It reminded me of my Oma and Opa who
had devotions after every meal and prayed to God.
So my new family also did there.

Some went on a Mountain hike,
some of us when swimming late in the day;
I wish I could show you how beautiful it was to be
in that lake water, seeing mountains
and the sloping hills.

Mr. Husband and I had our little prayer corner
in our room.
Our families are protestant.
The wonderful thing is that it is the
bond as Christians of all different church backgrounds
that brought us together.
I've been given such a gift in my new family.
I called my Mom that weekend and her 3 sister
(two from Ontario) were all over
and I told them how much they would of loved
the time I was having,
as my Mom's family too came from Holland to Canada
after World War II.
I was so encouraged to see also the younger ones
in their 20's loving God and doing Bible studies on their own
and standing up to do a devotion with the family.
One picture I did not take but
that is in my mind is one of the Uncles,
Uncle Jk. who reminded me so much of G. who I knew from
my Bible camp years,
putting his arm around his young 20's nephew to pray
for him before the young man gave the sermon for the
protestant church service that
they held there at the camp on Sunday morning.
Sometimes we forget how there are so many who
are still worshiping Christ in this world that seems
increasingly full of troubles.
Mr. Husband and I were able to do
Orthodox prayers on our own too
and those days were so beautiful.


E Helena E said...

We are truly united in Christ. What a wonderful reunion of families!

Irene said...

Beautiful pictures. Thank you for your kind visit to my blog, I hope you will call back.

Irene said...

Beautiful pictures. Thank you for your kind visit to my blog, I hope you will call back.

Matushka Anna said...

How lovely!

Cathie J said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your lake pictures are beautiful.