Saturday, August 03, 2013

Ground Cherry

Mr. Husband and I love the local farmer's market.
One of the things we get there are
ground cherries.

Otherwise known as
'clammy ground cherries' 
because of the sticky feel to them
when they are first unwrapped.

Quick to unwrap,
they are very sweet to eat.

Quite small,
they make a summer meal complete with
the unexpected sweetness!
What are some of your favourite foods
that speak 'summer' to you?


Athanasia said...

Some of my favorite summer foods are fresh peaches, watermelon, tomato sandwiches and tomato salads. Alas, I cannot indulge in fresh peaches (or cherries for that matter) because of food allergies. But I derive much pleasure knowing others are enjoying them.

Matushka Anna said...

I really like Ranier cherries but they're so expensive here! The first time I had them we lived right at the source and people were selling them at roadstands the way people around here have corn and watermelons. So cheap and fresh. I miss that.