Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Many things in the last days

Wedding present I wrapped for the new bride...
(we knew that we could drop it off at the parent's as the
presents went there while the honeymoon progresses)...

The other day I made an new
fasting meal!
Oil with fried mushrooms,
ginger (used organic already
prepared in a jar with some sugar)
mushrooms done first, scrimp at end;
garlic and ginger throughout...
It was really good! 

We had a bit of left over potatoes that we fried up as well!

We are still enjoying our salads...

And sweet corn!

We had a heirloom tomato that
we enjoyed with some salt....

I saw all of these orchid buds!!!
I am hopeful for a lot of beauty soon!!
These days are so lovely;
I am feeling a bit better
(finger's crossed that the mono of last February is gone!)
and have been able to go out to do errands,
cook, clean... it's been so wonderful!
I still take it easy as many who love me
have cautioned me not to do too much at once...
but meanwhile I am dreaming about baking this week...
What's going on in your world?
Is August bringing excitement or is there a heaviness for you?
May God help us,
no matter where this day finds us.


E Helena E said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

It is wonderful to read that you are feeling better!