Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dinner with dear friends

One of my good friends
I met in my last year in BC.
We met at a how-to-get-jobs class;
I was a new graduate and she was 1
month in BC from China.

We had a lot of lovely times together
and I was sorry to leave BC and our friendship.
So it was so wonderful to see her and her son again!

We had a wonderful meal!
Mr. Husband got to meet not only her,
but her now 20 year old son and
her parents.

It was a wonderful meal!

She has beautiful flowers and
it was such a good time to see them again.

My dear friend loves flowers.
She had me on her church's prayer list for
many years for me to find a good husband.
It was wonderful to see how God answered their prayers
and for her to meet my beloved Mr. Husband!
I am so blessed to have such great friends in my life!


Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Sounds (and looks!) like a wonderful time was had by all. :) And that she prayed for your future husband...priceless! A friend that prays is the best kind. :)

karen said...

what a sweet story :) glad you found someone to share your life with and you can share your happiness with your friend!