Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Yarn Along ~ Princeton, New Yarn and Many Projects!

Mr. Husband and I had business in the
the Princeton area on Monday.
So beautiful!

I of course went to the local yarn shop!

Came home with some beautiful yarn!
Washable yarn of wool, nylon and acrylic;
really soft, wonderful colours
(notice that deep blue in at the bottom?)
that I picked for some dear friends
who I hope to make some beautiful
scarves or cowls for! 

I am excited to say that I finally
get how to do stockinette

I am still working away at what
I was calling the September School blanket
but now am thinking will be the
St. Nicholas Day blanket! :)
With all the travel I did in August,
and that the blanket was too big to take along,
it is still unfinished but I have done three squares in the last two
weeks (including the above that is almost done)
and hope to be finishing it sometime soon!

My cousin's son is home now!!!
I am making this little hat for him!
Two strands of fisherman's wool... done in a round.

I got this yarn,
 it's a deep burgundy colour,
for the stiller cowl that I hope to be doing this
October in my knitting class!

I am making progress on the elephant,
that is also for my cousin's son.
This one is going to take me a while
but since the little one
will be one next summer,
I have time...
I got this book,
Knitting: a Novel
at the Strand bookshop in NYC.
I devoured it this past weekend
and LOVED it.
Beautiful, in depth characters, beauty,
thoughtfulness and hope.
I highly recommend it!
What are you reading and creating?
Yarn Along with us!


Anonymous said...

Ooooo, I love Vintage yarn so much. I haven't used the Chunky, but the Worsted is my go-to yarn. It's so soft (even with the wool) that my husband doesn't know he's wearing wool :) You're going to love it!

Anna said...

What a lovely new yarn stash! I'm glad your cowl will be red :) think it will suit you. I looked up Knitting: A Novel and discovered a bunch of other knitting novels - who knew! the Friday Night Knitting Club Novels by Kate Jacobs and the Amish Knitting Novels by Karen Anna Vogel.

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Beautiful colors that will surely be enjoyable to work with. Enjoy!

elizabeth said...

Thanks P... so nice that you have used this yarn!

Anna ~ thanks! Will have to see about the other books in time... :)

Lisa ~ thanks! I am really happy with them!

Sarah said...

I am so impressed by the number of projects you are managing at one time! I get too overwhelmed with more than two projects on the needles! Lovely new yarn stash, I love the promise of new projects new yarn holds... like it's just waiting for someone to form it into whatever it was meant to be.
Also - congrats on learning stockinette!

Martha said...

I think I would really like that novel (with a character named Martha!). I've read "The Knitting Circle," by Ann Hood (and also her book "The Red Thread," which is also excellent, about adoption).

October Rose said...

Lovely colors!! Perfect for autumn knitting. It looks like you have been a busy knitter. :)

karen said...

lovely photo montage of knitting! Love when going to a work thing ends up in a yarn store, can't complain about that!!

Michelle M. said...

I love that new yarn! Princeton is beautiful- I miss those lovely towns on the East coast.

Reinventing Mother said...

You are making great progress! I am enjoying the journey!

Lisa said...

Your stitching looks beautiful!
I'm guessing that the beautiful building in the first photo is not the yarn shop. :D

Cathie J said...

Beautiful yarn and so many projects. I have to try that book.