Thursday, October 10, 2013

Baking again and again... {Koek}

My Oma always made

Last Thursday when I was going through
one of my two recipe boxes,
I came across my Koek recipe.
And immediately thought,
that is what I need to make!
Perfect for traveling...
So I got out my pour-able honey.

Mixed up the flour, baking soda and powder, sugar
and spices.

I wrote my recipe out years ago
when I was an undergrad and using
fountain pens.
So about 1999 or so.

Love seeing them bake in the oven.
Easy to make three as to making one.
Important to remember to grease the glass pan
before using it!
Then they come out very easily.
Froze one, gave one away and eating one at home.
Naturally Lenten
and good on non-fasting days with butter!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What size are your wonderful glass pans?

elizabeth said...

1.5 quart... they are Pyrex Easy Grab Loaf Dish - 1.5 Quart (Clear)


Matushka Anna said...