Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Second Book Club ~ A lovely meal and a lovely time!

Drunken Chicken in the crock pot.

A fellow book club member brought
wonderful mashed potatoes and
a Chinese broccoli side with peanut sauce.

I made GF flour gravy from the
left over drunken chicken juices.
(Made just like any gravy but with GF all purpose flour).
We also had freshly chopped orange farmers market pepper
and the last of the fresh 2013 tomatoes.

A small bit of yummy cranberry sauce. 
We also had raspberry and pumpkin (hard) cider,
a little for who ever wanted it,
normal apple cider and water...
We had a wonderful discussion afterward of
chapters 3-4 of Orthodoxy
with many wonderful tangents to related topics
weaving into a lot of earnest and thoughtful discussion.
We are going to meet one more time for a meal
before the Nativity Fast
(our fellow members are new calendar so that means mid-November)
that will include meat
(I already have some menu ideas!)
and will do chapter 5!


Martha said...

Your beautiful table reminds me of Thanksgiving (which we do everyday, right? for everything God has given us), on which we used to gather around the piano while Grandma played "We Gather Together," and we all sang. It's an old Dutch hymn (I'm sure you know it)!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What fun, and what wonderful food!