Wednesday, October 16, 2013

And the list gets longer

Yesterday the dishes were all washed and
in process of being put away.
Wax scrapped from candle holder,
roses beautiful as always.

My buffet that I got years ago in Ottawa
holds all of my China dishes.
I got them for my beautiful green and blue
Ottawa apartment that I ended up only having
for 1 year, it was so beautiful.
Here are the first pictures of my then fairly new furniture.
I can see that I need to polish my silver candle holders,
I forgot how they gleamed years ago!

Tea cozies;
the thick sewn one was a gift from a friend
that I knew in Ottawa from my Calvin College years,
back in the mid-1990s.
The top one was a wedding gift and the middle
blue and white was the second tea cozy my Oma
hurried to knit for me,
as I asked her for one as the other one I thought I had lost,
but happily later found.
She would push herself with her knitting,
wanting the family member to have what they requested.
Looking back at the old blog posts like I have done
has brought back so many memories.
It's funny how one cannot stuff oneself back
to an earlier time.
I still miss Ottawa, esp. in Autumn.
It just does not get cold her in NJ
or not that often and I find myself pining for
Ottawa's autumns, as I remember them...
There is something powerful that
I am seeing as I look through my blog.
First, what wonderful friends I have had along the way.
Second, the first dinner party I had and photographed
was just about two weeks after I lost the job
I had for about 9 months in the corporate world as
a librarian.
So I see now how in the time of great distress,
and that year was a year of deep struggle for me,
something beautiful came out of it,
that I hope to continue for the rest of my days ~
opening my home to others,
to feed, invite conversation and provide not only
good food but a beautiful table and setting.

To that end...
I got my first Amazon order of
Gluten Free flours, starches, etc.

I hope to make some GF bread for book club
this coming Tuesday.
I am loving hearing about the book 
joy of cooking
especially as it is a book about how
beauty was created in a time of hardship and loss.
I am making lists for what to do with my days.
I had a rather bad night sleep
again last night and today
I am just dragging...
Time to put the kettle on,
brew some mint tea
and get on with it.

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Anonymous said...

Autumn in the Ottawa Valley has been so warm this year. Even today after all the morning rain and the wind, it's warm and almost humid. I'm ready for the seasons to change and for it to be cool.