Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday Already...

I have been working on the blanket again.
yesterday I re-positioned the squares that were not yet
sewn in (more has been sewn in this past week!)
and measured for the most of the final squares that
need to be done.
There was more to be done on it than I realized and now
I am thinking that it may not get done until Christmas
on January 7th...
I have slippers to make, a cowl to finish,
more scarves to make, a hat to finish and a blanket
to embroider a ducky on... 

I woke early and added oil to the lampadas...
I just love it when it is dark and the lampadas are
burning bright... 

I put a new wedding picture
(next to bulletin board of pictures :) )
up where our calendar had been...
I was reading part of a book
this morning by Corrie ten Boom,
a writer I have loved for many years.
One of the themes I noticed was
that no matter how dark one's situation can be,
the end of the story is already known ~
Christ is Risen! Christ has won over the devil and
over all darkness.
The other was that there is no pit
so deep that Christ does not go deeper still.
I've been thinking on and off about that year
not so long ago that was so difficult for me,
that began with a broken foot and ended with
losing a job that had been the most difficult and challenging.
It was that year,
as I wrote earlier,
that I moved and began offering hospitality,
with various dinner parties.
It was that year that I got my lampada and icon of St. George
pictured above.
It was that year that lead to me moving again
to the apartment that the Mother of God gave me,
that one day over two years later or so,
I was in when Mr. Husband asked me to marry him.
The hardest of times I see
can begin some of the deepest blessings.
I know enough to know that
I am likely to go through hard times again;
after all I am not yet 37 and life is full of
bends and turns, dips and deep valleys,
with some hills and mountain tops at times....
And so I seek to remember that in those times
of struggle and darkness,
that beauty and deep blessings can come of it.

Our annotated copy of Orthodoxy arrived today.
I am so glad as I have been wanting
footnotes on the many things that
GK Chesterton so easily refers to
have I have never learned of. 

My cowl has a better beginning thanks to
my knitting teacher.

We also put in a lifeline.
This cowl has been a real challenge to me,
as I am still pretty new at all of this.
So having a lifeline to ensure
that I do not have to frog back good work is a relief!
I started my first slipper today too! 
Now I need to continue cleaning this kitchen,
laundry, knitting and more on my list...
I have some baking ideas and am doing DV
a simple hamburger hash for dinner.
I am slowly thinking of various ways to make
meals in quick ways as the next weeks will be busy...
On a more serious note,
keep Fr. Roman Braga in your continued prayers...
So many to pray for but we should indeed pray for
one that has prayed so much for so many...
God is with us at all times and in all things...

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What a brilliant idea, to put in a lifeline! I have a few patters I am a bit nervous about, and this would be a great help :-)