Saturday, October 05, 2013

Blue Willow and Other Blue and Whites

Mr. Husband and I had
a day that another person I heard that day
called a 'mental health day'...
We went to the sale went to a year ago,
I forgot how I had the table at that time
in blue for the Mother of God.
I will have to do that again!
So we went to the big rummage sale again!
I had been wanting to either complete or
get other dishes that would be blue and white
for the incomplete set that I already have
(that you can also see in the same post of
about a year ago).
It's funny,
I am so glad for my blog to remember my first year of marriage
and the wonderful first months of it!
So on to the dishes...
I got some Willow dishes for about 4.00 a piece.
8 bowls, 7 salad plates and 6 dinner plates.
More than half off the amazon price I found
and half the price of the that
I looked up after the fact.

They are nice deep bowls...
I washed them up by hand and noticed that
one of the bowls had a slight yellow-orange stain
and I immediately thought of my vintage cookbooks
that I love for how they are used
and realized that this bowl with the sign of
it's use from the past would be my favourite of them. 

The plates have a really nice depth to them;
they would be perfect for a meal such
as a pasta meal or a meal
with a gravy...

The dishcloth underneath is one my Mom gave
me from Holland.
It's one of my special dish clothes that I like to get out
for special occasions. 

You can see the tea cups and creamer
with the new willow dishes and my
blue and white bowl...

Even my old set is actually two different sets
that were sold together for 5.00 at a garage sale
years ago down the street from my parent's house.
I used these dishes as my main dishes during my
graduate school year for my
Masters in Library Science.

I picked up that large flower bowl at that time
as well.

The new dishes fit well in my buffet,
as I knew they would...

My Dutch delft egg cups
that my Mom got for me some years back.
The tea cup to the right is an old one
from days when tea cups were still more normal
for everyone to drink from.
This one was a souvenir cup of the
Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City.
My Mom found it and gave it to me as she knew
Mr. Husband and I were going to have our
honeymoon in this city.
The other dishes you see in the above picture
are my Grandma's and I ate off them many times
as a girl...
later when my Grandma got a new dish set,
I inherited her old set,
which I love to this day.
This set is the one I used for Mr. Husband and I's first Pascha
and the day we got engaged.
I used it in Ottawa for Paschas before this and used it
for Mr. Husband and I's first Pascha as a married couple.
I hope for many more... 


GretchenJoanna said...

How exciting! The dishes are really beautiful and complement what you had so very well.

Sara said...

Blue and white china has always been my favorite (oddly I have never bought any for myself!) and yours is no exception. You will make more lovely memories with your beautiful china in the years to come. It's fun to mix and match patterns too, within the same color scheme.

Thank you for your thoughtful comment, too, by the way, on my post.

Maria said...

Love your dishes! Wish I could have gone a-rummaging! Sounds like satisfying fun, building your home piece by piece.

Anonymous said...

I love blue and white china. I've never really been a fan of Blue Willow (it's my Mom's favourite). I like the old 'flow blue'. My wedding china was Wedgwood's Romantic England ( It not only satisfies my love of blue and white but my love of Tudor England.

Your Grandma's china is the same pattern as my mother-in-laws (one of her sets). It was her usual set for family dinners too.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What a bargain with the dishes, and how well they blend in with the rest of your china!

Lisa said...

So pretty! There is something elegant about blue and white; I think my cousin has that set.

Anonymous said...

I grew up eating from Blue Willow. And my wedding china is the Blue Danube that you have there too. Love it.