Tuesday, October 01, 2013

What a weekend... and here it is Tuesday afternoon!

It's been a whirlwind last days...
Friday drive up for liturgy,
Saturday at home,
Sunday drove up for liturgy
and stayed overnight,
as Mr. Husband had some business up there to do.
So I visited two friends from church yesterday;
we hung out in the small downtown of Princeton.
It's pretty there.
Saw this old cross stitch.

I found myself thinking about how
on a perfect Autumn day
with sunshine
that we don't always think or even want to think
about the fact
that our time on this earth
is so limited,
swept away like grass...
Here someone made this in centuries past
and it speaks of the same thing.
I do wish more people would remember
that we need our Dear Saviour
as this world will close for us
and another will open.
I am gearing up for my first of 4 knitting classes.
I was practicing doing stockinette
which kept alluding me.
Sunday night found me reading these short lines
from the lion brand website:
To figure out whether you should be knitting the row or purling the row, put your work in your left hand. 
Which side is facing you? 
If the V's are facing you, you are on the knit side and should knit the row. If the bumps are facing you, you are on the purl side, so purl the row. 
Suddenly I understood what I had been doing wrong.
When seeing the purl side, do that,
when seeing the knit side, do that,
while holding it in one's left hand.
I went to a yarn store and got a third tip on this topic:
see what side the yarn at the end of the row is hanging down
and that is the side you are working with now.
So suddenly I am doing stockinette with a sense of ease!
I knew I had to get this down, as
I hope to start on this cowl this month.
On other topics,
my post tea with a friend had the pictures
fail on it.
I fixed it if you'd like to see it properly...

I was at my local church for the
new calendar feast of Holy Protection
as I would not be able to be at my far away
church for this feast in just under 2 weeks.
It was wonderful to be present for this feast,
one that I love dearly.
Blessed Feast today to all who celebrate it and love it!
Afterwards I have brunch and knitting with a dear local friend...
So, do tell me
what is new for you this day?


Mimi said...

I love this feast too! S'praznikom!
Enjoy your pizza peel :)

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Thanks for joining in my little giveaway. :) Will be exciting to see who I will be sending things to!

Enjoyed seeing that antique cross stitch and thank you for sharing it as well as your thoughts. Considering how quickly time passes and one generation fades into another, how much we ought to be leaving behind a faithful testimony to our children's children (and their children as well!). Now, being a new grandma, I consider these things much more than I ever have! Many blessings, ~Lisa :)