Friday, October 11, 2013

Question as I prepare for Canadian Thanksgiving...

First, I made three loaves of bread yesterday!
Forgot to score them so they are very 'natural' looking :)
The Artisan bread is going well for me!
Meanwhile my question...
I will be, since I can't get Turkey quite yet,
roasting two chickens on Monday afternoon DV
that I will have prepared in advance.
I am also making stuffing and hoping to roast some
root vegetables.
My question is can I do this at the same time? 

Above is a possible one layer oven which would be
two chickens and stuffing together, if
the one chicken fits in the white dish.

Remains to be seen.

Or can I bake simultaneously using both trays?
Like above?
With chickens on top
and stuffing and root veggies below?

Or should I bake them separate but then keep them
warm in the 'warming' setting (100F) after
they are baked separately? 

I can do them separately if that would make for
better dishes!
Just wondering if anyone knows...
I've told Mr.  Husband more than once
that my dream kitchen would have a stove with 5 burners
and 2 ovens! :) :)
One can dream... 

I am using my two new to me Thanksgiving Cookbooks
and a Lemon Pie recipe from my 1950's Joy of Cooking.

Really great recipes!

Can you believe I got both cookbooks for a total
of 5.00! Yep, it was a deal and a great one at that!
I have a list for what to do everyday until Monday night!
It's great fun planning a traditional Thanksgiving dinner...
Can't wait to tell you all about how things went
and what I did based on the two cookbooks I found!
I will keep researching my cookbooks meanwhile...
I am off to the library, speaking of cookbooks, to pick up 3 more!
1 on bread with Gluten Free (GF) recipes and two on GF recipes
in general for book club that is coming up soon!
I am so excited to be learning these skills!
If anyone has suggestions for my cooking/roasting question,
I am all ears...
Thanks!! :)


Anonymous said...

I know that when I double stack things in the oven (usually cookie sheets) I have to switch the sheets half way to make sure things bake evenly. Though if you have a convection oven you will likely be ok not switching.


Anna said...

I agree - with convection the heat circulates much more evenly. If not convection, I'd go with one layer and expect everything to take a little longer - and more watching - than usual. My oven isn't convection, and trying to bake things on both shelves just doesn't work,as the top shelf keeps all the heat to itself.

matushka constantina said...

You're putting me to shame (and making me jealous)! It's our first Canadian Thanksgiving in Canada since our wedding eight years ago. I wanted to make a big meal (we're in Newfoundland now) but I'm swamped with school work and other projects. I think I'll just do the vegetables myself and pick up a rotisserie chicken for myself (Fr. John doesn't it meat anyway)and a pre-made pie. Well, at least we'll have our nice tablecloth that we left home when we moved to Greece!

I hope everything turns out for you and your guests!

Lisa said...

It all sounds wonderful! I'll be glad to hear how things go.

Victoria said...

your bread looks so rustic and awesome! so cool!