Thursday, October 03, 2013

Thursday and it feels like Friday

October already.
I find I am being pulled in many directions at once.
Do I bake, knit or iron?

Took two days and loads of laundry
before I could light my lampadas again;
our 4 day candles burnt out that I was using meanwhile.

Today I was able to light them again.
Always a relief.

Sometimes I light them with
burnt down tall beeswax monastery candles
and then fish the dripped wax out

Martha had asked how I do my lampadas.
One thing is that I stretch out my wicks by halving them;
they only fit in the wick holders I use that way...

Another thing is that I have paper towel to put
the tops of the burnt wicks
on ~ you know, to prepare them to be lit again.
I wrote more on the wicks and I use and how I do it here.

So I bought this bunch of organic lemons.
I am pouring over cookbooks to see what I want to make with them.
So far I am finding the most help in my
older joy of cooking and 1945 Boston school cookbook.
Meanwhile I have a few hours before my knitting class.
Somehow this afternoon is going to involve
ironing, baking and listening to my latest audio book,
one that Mr. Husband listened to in the past,
 Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce 
and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery.
I picked up used this past Monday the book
The Help 
and so I am reading...
History and how it is played out and portrayed later is
always an interesting and perhaps challenging thing.
When I read the wiki history of the joy of cooking I am
even more glad that I have many editions of it.
one of the things about older recipes is not
only not having what they call for but
not even knowing what the thing called for is.
So I have this Question,
 for those experienced in baking:
I was looking at some lemon cream recipes and the one
calls for cooling them in a mold.
Now I don't know of what a mold is or what to use it for or
how to get one or if I would want one.
The only thing I saw when I looked up 'molds' were
actual molds that are for a fancy cake,
like a lamb shaped one for Easter.
But is this can't be what is thought of for
a leamon cream for a jelly cake or other such desserts.
So what does one use when pouring a lemon cream mixture
to cool it?  What is best to pour a hot lemon cream custard
(or the like)? Metal bowl, glass bowl? A mold (which is what?)? 
hope that I will be able to tell you all
about what I make sometime soon! :)
Thanks to anyone who can help me...


Juliana said...

Do you have a good avgolemono recipe (Greek egg-lemon soup)? It uses a fair amount of lemon juice/peel; I can send you mine. It is so simple and delicious!! (Although there is a slight trick to getting the texture right).

Anna said...

I've never made lemon cream, but if it has gelatine or another setting agent in it, and is going to set in a shape, I'd guess the mould meant is a jelly mould - jelly in the sense of Jello rather than jam.

I've wondered- what does Cleo think of your candles and lampadas? Tango is not a shelf-explorer, thank goodness, and hasn't taken any interest, but I did think of his knocking them over, and wondered when he first came how it was going to work with open flames in the room.

elizabeth said...

Hi Anna,

Cleo has not gone on my buffets or the kitchen window, thank God.

Years ago I had a lampada on a metal shelf by my gold chair in Ottawa ~ Cleo's chair that I would often show her sitting on top of. Well, she would lick the oil right out of it! So lighting it or having it there at all was impossible.

She loves oil ~ and flour for that matter ~ so it can be a concern. I keep my window shade down for the most part on the buffet with the icons of St. Phanourious and St. John because I don't want Cleo to want to see that window and then discover the lampada...

Perhaps you could get a hanging lampada? that should be safe, like the one I have to my big mounted icon of St. George above my older from Ottawa icon laden buffet...

so do you think that I can put it in just a normal bowl then as it is not going in a mold for those sorts of things?

I am hoping to make a lemon cream cake and perhaps a pie... found some great recipes! won't get to try to at least Saturday though...

but am baking bread right now and make koek so at least I have made some good things! :) :)