Friday, October 18, 2013

Yesterday and Today

Thanks everyone for your words
on chicken stock
and avoiding freezer burn
on frozen things...
I will be using freezer bags more
and will let you know about the chicken stock,
I may try again next week.
So yesterday before knitting class,
since I was as done with the bag as much as I knew how
to do before hand,
I baked with lemons that I got a while back
that Mr. Husband keeps asking me to use up...
He also loves the lemon bars I made a year ago.

So I went to the grocery store to get some
margarine; perhaps butter would work too
but my Great Aunt P.'s recipe calls for
margarine and I just went with it.
By the way,
after my mono episode,
just going to the grocery store on a
Thursday afternoon after lunch
is heady stuff.
I am so glad to be able to do this again.

Lemon bars are such a wonderful airy bar.
I had forgotten that the bottom of it is just
powdered sugar, flour and cut in margarine. 

I think my Mom gave me this for cutting in
butter and margarine some years back.
So simple, I love it.

The crust before it is patted down.
Here's the recipe again for those who want it:

I stole my own pictures from a year ago.
Actually I could not find the recipe in my box
and did not remember what it looked like.
So I googled my blog and found it,
realized I did not have it listed in the recipes page and promptly
put it there.
And I found the actual recipe since
I then knew what I was looking for,
paper wise.

So now you have it again also!

I made bread again yesterday.
Actually in the middle of making lemon bars,
I was multitasking.
While listening to more on William Wilberforce
on Audible in the kitchen.
It's a great listen by the way.
So about bread,
I keep forgetting to score the bread.
The bread yesterday I had to bake longer as
I was making three,
hurriedly scored it when it was already on the hot
pizza stone,
lost too much heat and had to rebake....
These loaves are already gone to where they were going
and I do hope they were worth the going...

So the lemon bars.
Beating in eggs and siring in sugar is quite satisfying I must say.

I zested two lemons and used the juice
and saved the zest.
Hoping to do more baking today...
Speaking of lemon zest,
do you freeze yours and how?

The crust after it is baked.

The lemon bars after the lemon, egg, flour and sugar topping
is poured on and baked.

So I made bread again today.
Just one loaf.
There it is.
I totally forgot to score it,
did not bother putting water under it as
it seemed too much trouble
and just sprayed some water in.
We will see how it is for dinner.
I finally had a night sleep that was not interrupted but
was still just a little too late for the bread for lunch,
bummer as it would of been great to eat
fresh out of the oven.
I learned how to do the pattern for
the cowl and now I have a lot of work to do on it.
I have more yarn in my stash for scarves and/or cowls.
Any patterns (not too intricate but still with a bit of learning
to be done) that you would recommend?
So I am still thinking on that
enameled pot.
Actually torn about it, the 7 quart one
seems to be the one I would get,
bigger than a 3 or 5 but not but almost as large as a 9...
I like this one in blue (and it is cheaper in blue than red,
wonder why?)... it is made in China,
though to have it not made in China, well... more money then.
I've seen them used for bread, for chicken,
for soups simmering for hours on the stove,
for apple sauce, for chicken broth.
Anyway, just not sure.
I have my crock pots.
By the way, this is my favourite cookbook for crock pots,
with a carrot recipe I am hoping to try soon...
Mr. Husband found this song online today
and it made me even more ready for Christmas.
What are you waiting for these days?


Juliana said...

I would dehydrate the lemon zest (that is all lemon peel in a bottle is anyway). You just put it in the oven on a really low heat for a while, or leave it on the counter with air circulation for a while until dry. Put in a container and keep for a while!

Also, cowls. I just found a great one on Lucky Lucille! It is very simple, but you could adapt the pattern very easily. It is just a garter stitch square with buttons, but I'm thinking of knitting it in a lacy pattern or something besides garter stitch (which really is quite unforgiving!) Here is the link:

Anna said...

I do freeze lemon and orange zests, in a zip bag,in a single layer if possible rather than in chunks. This makes it easier to use later than if it's frozen in a lump - more or less individual strands can be crumbled apart and put straight into the baking, no defrosting necessary.

Re enamelled cast iron ware, it's wonderful to cook with but so so heavy! especially when full of good food. So I would err on the smaller side.

Anonymous said...

Do you have family or good friends up here?? Get them to watch the Canadian Tire flyers. Kitchenaid enameled cast iron pots go on sale all the time. I have the 3 and the 5 quart ones (and didn't pay that kind of price). They are often half price at CT.

I wouldn't get any bigger than the 5qt. When it's full of stew, it's all I can do to lift it from the oven. If you want a large stock pot, get enameled steel for use on the stove-top.


elizabeth said...

You all continue to be wonderful!

Thanks for the words on cowls, lemon zest and dutch ovens! this is really helpful!

M. Emily said...

Love the cowl pattern, E.! I know that it is expensive, but I've always wanted a Le Creuset... would that work?