Monday, October 28, 2013

Baking Bread ~ Many Different Ways

Early last week
Mat. Anna blogged about making
French onion soup
and she made it in a non-enamel Dutch oven.
I was intrigued;
Mr. Husband has a Dutch oven
(I had long thought of getting an enamel one
as my impression was that it would be
difficult to care for it otherwise)
and so I learned from Mat. Anna that
one can use Dutch ovens for many things
that are just cast-iron.

last Friday made the artisan bread again.
I got the Dutch oven out;
it was dusty and needed a good cleaning.

It has some rust spots that
I have been told can be taken out
and that it will be OK once it is re-seasoned.
Any advice on this, of course,
is welcomed!

I used it as is anyway,
as I really wanted to see how it would be.
The dough did not rise as high...
I left the knife on top as I did not want
to forget to score it again!

But it gave us a really nice warm
bread that reminded me of potato roles.
Soon the little loaf was just one small slice!
I ate mine warm with honey!
It was great and the Dutch oven worked just fine!
Today I am thinking of making a beef stew;
I got some organic beef broth and beef
and found a non-tomato based stew recipe
that I am going to use with it.
It is so nice that the weather has been
a bit cooler...
It was wonderful on Sunday to go to liturgy
and to see church family...
How are things for you?

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Matushka Anna said...

Yum! Wish I had that right now!