Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Continued Prayers Needed for Noah

Please keep praying for Noah:
From Kate's FB and Blog:

"OK prayer warriors . . . Noah is resting right now. He's not running a fever but is very tired.

He's scheduled for a PICC line at 2 PM. This is a line placed in his arm like an IV but threaded up to near his heart like his central line. They cannot pull the infected line until this is in because they cannot meet his medical needs without some kind of central access.

This is generally done under sedation but he is not considered a candidate for sedation (far too risky). They'd do anesthesia in the OR but the OR IS hopelessly backed up today and there's no way to get him in - and they need to get this infected line OUT.

This is going to be asking a lot of Noah. It will be painful and it will be scary. We are doing everything we can to minimize fear and discomfort but it will still be hard for him.

Please pray that they can do this as quickly and painlessly as possible with as little trauma as possible. He's already far more stressed than we usually see.

An Infectious Disease specialist is going to be consulting to see what we can do to get these infections treated sand get him healed enough for surgery for a new line as soon as possible."

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