Thursday, October 03, 2013

Baking French Bread for the First Time

After looking in many cookbooks,
I finally chose
Mark Bittman's
how to cook everything

for a simple French Bread Recipe.

My pizza peel.
I am happy to say it fits in the cupboard by
my cutting boards...

I still mean to do the 
Mark Bittman's is the one I tried...

So I did not follow his recipe or what he saw
as the first choice for how to make this bread.
I used a mixer, not a blender,
in other words.

Split the flour in half.

I think I will always love my mixer...

Half flour in...

about 1.5 cups worth


the salt and the yeast added.

spring water; I heated mine...

Water added to mixture.

Mixed with paddle until I needed the
dough hook at the every end.

Kneaded the bread and set it in a ball in a bowl.

Only had 2 hours for it to rise...

I chose to make it into rolls and little loaves...

Put some of them only with flour
on top
and some of them I brushed with
olive oil to make them golden.
They were good but a bit on the dense side;
French bread should be a bit lighter than these were;
will be researching in my books to make a better
batch soon!
It was so wonderful to be back baking in the


Anonymous said...

cool, great!
you know, there's no secret to make it lighter: you need flour imported from France! I'm French living in the US, and was always wonderful why "French baguettes" here were like 3 tons! I asked a group of French nuns selling bread in Illinois, and they told me the 'secret'!
BUT recently, my husband who also bakes, discovered the red wheat (Bob's Red Mill brand), and it did make much light bread, much French like in texture. Beware it's quite sticky to work with.

elizabeth said...


Thanks so much!

Can you show me what flour exactly your husband used? I saw that they had various wheat flours ~

Their website is quite impressive!!