Wednesday, October 09, 2013

First loaf of Artisan Bread

Last week Thursday
before my first knitting class...

I (finally) made the artisan bread!

So easy!
Add flour, yeast, salt, water...

So simple... all starts with the flour...

I mixed it all together...

Put it in a container for two hours.
It expanded a lot!

The recipe said if it was one's first time
using the recipe,
not to use the dough without it being
in the fridge for at least two plus hours.
I needed that bread for the next day,
for the rummage sale we were going to,
where I found my dishes,
and so I happily ignored this
and used the first fourth of the dough
to make this small loaf,
which rested for 40 minutes and expanded...

Added corn meal to the bottom of the
pizza peel and floured the top...

I discovered that my big spoon rest worked
perfectly for doing all of this.

I made the bread into a neat loaf 
and floured the top
for easy scoring of the top...

It worked well.

And it baked up to be a lovely small loaf
of bread!
It could not of been easier
and cleanup was a breeze!
I am looking forward to more
and experimenting with
various bread flavours! 

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