Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Question about Canning

I grew up enjoying my parent's
homemade applesauce.
I am interested in learning how to can it.
What way do you recommend?
Water bath? Pressure Cooker?
All suggestions, info, books, websites to suggest,
I want to know!
So far I have seen the
Lehman's Canning Section
of their online catalogue.


Anonymous said...

Canning applesauce is SO easy. It's a great 'beginner' project. Make the applesauce of your choice -I make mine in my crockpot. I sugar and cinnamon to taste. Pour into clean jars. Put on lids and rings. Hot water bath for 15 min/pints and 20 min/quarts.

Couldn't be easier.


Juliana said...

Water bath is the easiest thing--it is a fruit, so no need for pressure canning!

Just cut up your fruit (peeling is optional!), cook it down until saucy (puree if you like very smooth, skip if you don't mind a bit of chunk) Cooks very fast and cans quickly.

The trick to water bath canning is to keep your jars and lids the same temperature before you put them in the bath. I wash my jars and lids in very hot soapy water, and then keep the lids in a bowl of boiling water (the water will cool as it sits, but that's okay) and keep the jars in a warm (not hot) oven. Maybe 180 degrees or something. Use the tongs to get the jars out of the oven so you don't contaminate them getting them out of the oven. Lehman's starter canning kit is great. I could loan you my big kettle though--I've not canned for several years and have all the stuff.

Apseed I said...

Absolutely agree with Paula and Juliana. Applesauce is very easy canning project.
By the way, this book by Ashley English helped me a lot