Monday, October 07, 2013

Preparing for Thanksgiving

Canadian Thanksgiving is this coming
which is also the
(old calendar) feast of the Protection of the Theotokos.
I already went to liturgy (new calendar) for this
as Mr. Husband could not get off work and I
can't easily get there myself without him driving.
Mr. Husband and I joked about the
honest fact that I got two cookbooks
dealing with Thanksgiving and
both books are currently wrapped up in the freezer.
It was the quickest way to be sure,
since we got them at the rummage sale
where my dishes were also from,
that they had no creepy crawlies in them.
This is one of my new cookbooks:

Before I did so,
I had them outside on our courtyard
(never had shown that yet, have I?
Mr. Husband and I keep meaning to use it more
but between weeds, heat and no-see-em bugs,
we don't use it like we should)
on the table and took a few pictures of recipes
I noticed so I would have
the lists for the store and moreover for the
farmer's market ready.

I am so excited to use the new soup bowls!

I am hoping to make this recipe...

I love the beauty of doing a table setting
and a nice meal.
I have lots of teas and coffee for those who drink it,
and a menu that I can't wait to cook and bake!
I am going to start on Friday with the pies
and Saturday with prepping the chicken
(I don't think I can find an organic turkey this early
here in the States)
and Sunday night and Monday day for the rest.
So far I have
4 others coming which makes 6 which is a nice cozy number...
I am so looking forward to doing this meal
for Mr. Husband and I's second Canadian Thanksgiving
after we are married! 


Lisa said...

Now that is a feast I have never heard of, and I enjoyed reading about it. A beautiful feast, and she is still protecting us like a good Mother!
Are you going to celebrate Thanksgiving again next month on the 28th?

elizabeth said...

Thanks Lisa! It is one of my favourite feasts!

Yes, we hope to do both Thanksgivings, Canada and the US! :)