Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lemon Chiffon Pie with a wonderful GF pie crust

I finally got my two new
joy of cooking
cookbooks that we got at the rummage sale.
I now have the one from 1953, 1962 (paperback not pictured here),
1964, 1997 and 2006.

I am slowly learning to do things GF*...
Ginny's post from 2010 on her
gluten-free favourites
has helped me immeasurably.

I got from the library
the cookbook she recommended for baking:
Gluten-Free Baking Classics.
I was sure to cut the butter cold,
strait from the fridge.

I made the above GF* Tart Shell Crust
with the brown rice flour mix that is
called for in this cookbook

I used bob red mills' brown rice flour
and it worked wonderfully.

This is the pie after I had prepared and
baked it at 400 degrees,
the crust being prebaked for about 20 minutes. 
I used my 1953 Joy of Cooking
for the pie itself.
For lemon zest and juice, I used what I had
prepared earlier.
It was the first time I used my double boiler
for an egg yoke custard.
I whipped the egg whites in my kitchen aid mixer.
I am wondering if I should of whipped the egg whites
a bit more.
In any case,
the pie was good; the crust was wonderful.
The pie fell a little by the next day
when it was eaten,
but it was still good.
Very similar to lemon bars but as a pie
was the consensus.
I was very pleased by the crust and actually
preferred it to the other pie crusts I have had,
as I tend to like a bit of a lighter crust.
I am dreaming of making a lemon curd cake one of these days!
I have more lemon zest in the freezer and lemon juice in the
What is your favourite thing to make
with lemons?
Have you ever done GF* baking?
If so, any tips, cookbooks or blogs to recommend?

*GF = Gluten Free


Sophy said...

GF Bisquick is good. I make things like pancakes, biscuits and tiny individual strawberry shortcakes. The recipe is on back of the package, it's yummy. Bobs Red Mill also makes a GF all purpose baking flour which is pretty good.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Sophy! That's a great set of tips! :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

It looks delicious!