Friday, October 25, 2013

Every Day is a New Day

Thanks everyone who
provided support yesterday.
Today more sleep was had;
the day is proceeding more normally.
I have my last knitting class last night.
I've realized that nights are not the best time for
me to have knitting classes, esp. when trying to learn
new things that at least at present are more
challenging for me.
So I am changing this up and am going to have
lessons during the day.
I am really hopeful for the change in schedule
helping for further knitting progress.
I still have a hard time staying in routine;
one day good; one day not so good.
We keep on with it.
Today I hope to go to the library to get
a book on canning.
I am not sure if I will get to canning soon
but in this also I am at peace with seeing what happens.
I started reading another knitting novel and
realized within pages that I was reading
instead some sort of broken story of mixed up lives
who apparently do not understand how morality
can uphold one's life and that the opposite
will destroy it.
So sad; that novel is being returned, rest unread;
to guard one's mind also means not reading the rest.
I am, it seems, continually baffled by how the domestic arts
has been matched up with broken lives and
decisions that break people up inside instead of
putting them back together, healed.
It saddens me.
I am continuing to read the book on
joy of cooking;
I read the first two stories in
the Northern Thebaid.
I read more in my continual read of the
book Christ is in our Midst
and find it as always very instructive.
I do not know if I will fully be able to understand
the incident with the homeless man
but I go to confession fairly regularly and it will be good
to bring it up there.
Sometimes I forget how wonderful my life is,
that I have opportunities to start over through the
sacrament of Confession.
I am often confronted with the fact that I am a sinner.
But how wonderful that I am also offered repentance
and sacraments that give hope instead of despair.
I have hopes to bake lemon things either today or tomorrow.
I have a kitchen full of things to be cleaned;
I have a sink with a week long slow leak
(plummer came other day and we think failed to fix it).
I have a bag to finish sewing on the final handle
 and the cowl I had to frog
has been restarted.
I am thinking of working on the
blanket to get that done soon as well.
Every day I once heard Mother Gabriella say in
a CD I was listening to
is a new day,
unlike the one we had yesterday.
God's mercy is new every morning.
May we seek to be with God today and seek His mercy.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I too have recently had to abandon several books which were spiritually unhelpful or unhealthy for me to read.
Things once read or seen cannot easily be expunged from our minds, to err on the side of caution, I always think.

Anna said...

This post - daily renewal, daily forgiveness, faithfulness in the routine and ordinary - makes me think so much of this old hymn, with words by John Keble: (I recommend muting your computer first to avoid the horrible tinny MIDI 'music'!)

Lisa said...

See if your library has a book called "A Street Cat Named Bob, and how he saved my life" by James Bowen. So good, Elizabeth! An amazing cat.