Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Today ~ a creamy chicken dish and continued preperations

I made a new chicken dish last night.
Things were running behind
and I have more on my list
than I can do in one day it seems...
but I did make this dish which I really enjoyed!

It was creamy, warm and soothing. 

Based on this recipe from this cookbook...
I used Campbell's golden mushroom with 1 can water
and did not use peppers or parsley.
Cooked up organic chicken thighs first with a bit of
butter, salt and pepper.

More-with-Less Cookbook.
I had learned of this cookbook when I was in BC.
I think I found my used copy at a library book sale
in London Ontario years ago.
I told my Mom that I used this cookbook
and she said she remembered it,
rummaged in her cookbook cupboard
and she found her copy...
Our school made a cookbook when we
kids were in elementary school;
My Mom cooked with it a lot during those years
and our one regret is that she did not buy a copy for us kids.
But that's how it is and I am just glad she still has her copy!

I could not resist eating my breakfast this morning
with my new willow bowls. So pretty.
I also finished reading the help today.
Still mulling it over...

I finally changed out and cleaned my lampadas.

A few layers of cheese cloth to catch
the burnt wick pieces. 

An old peanut butter jar that was well cleaned
before it became the lampada oil jar,
where our big metal funnel lives...

Wick holders cleaned and taken care of.

It is so good to have the red lampadas back!
I always intended the red ones to be for
'ordinary' time and the clear ones for
the very festive times of year,
such as Christmas, Theophany, Pascha and Transfiguration.

Cleaned the little plates that my buffet lampadas
rest on.

Used one of my special washcloths
that was a wedding gift;
this one is only used for cleaning lampadas. 
I cleaned my red lampadas really well before
using them again.
I am slowly getting things ready for Thanksgiving.
The lampadas were long over due;
I did a grocery order that we will get late Saturday night
and have put both my crock pots to use
making a chicken bone broth.
I got all the many frozen chicken bones and parts
that were waiting to become chicken broth!
A good friend of mine in NJ gave me the recipe
and I am so glad to try it out!
I am also ordering some gluten free things for
experimenting with GF bread
as one in our book club seeks to be
gluten free and so I am going to learn this as well.
I used Ginny's post to think of some things I may want to get.
Tonight Mr. Husband and I will be at the farmer's market
getting many things for Thanksgiving dinner!
And of course vegetables for ourselves...
We are really excited and grateful!

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I've currently got tea lights in my lampadas but when I used oil, I tended to leave it too long between cleanings and then it became a very sticky task!