Friday, October 04, 2013

Fudge Cake

Last Saturday
I poured over cookbooks again...
we ended up going grocery shopping too late
ironically to use the lemons that I had just gotten,
and am still planning on making something with these ~
including lemon bars...
but meanwhile last Saturday night
I still had that I want to baking something
blazing on inside and half a cup of
sour cream that would sour for good soon if I did not use it.
So over dinner I kept pouring over cookbooks,
until I found one in the ever trusty
Eet Smakelijk: A Collection of Recipes
and found one for a fudge cake that
took that half cup of sour cream I was aiming to use.
I love this cookbook as I know that women
in the small dutch West Michigan culture
that I grew up in cooked with it;
I love the cookbooks that you know that women
used the recipes in them as they chose them
their self...
Gretchen Joanna recently blogged about
the cookbooks that are the history of joy of cooking
and linked to this article about
the original author,
Irma Rombauer,
written by her daughter..
So I read that she started her cookbook on a summer
the North Part of Michigan.
I know other friends who also love the old cookbooks;
I think we are all looking for the way forward
including in cooking, baking.
I know I am.
Learning how to be a wife;
rebuilding a life,
friends, church, everything.
I guess baking and cooking is
one of the things that is the same,
though even that,
I have all new things for;
wedding and gifts from Mr. Husband...
last Saturday night
I enjoyed very much making this
Fudge cake:

I had the bakers chocolate on hand.

 Thankfully I also have my Mother's old
double boiler.

Sour cream mixed with baking soda.

The melted chocolate, sugar and water
was then supplemented with beaten eggs.

Flour and wet mixture together.

It mixed up really fine and thin;
after some flour bubbles were discovered and
laid to rest.

Made two of these round cakes.

That night after it cooled a bit,
I made the chocolate butter frosting;
I used, since it was not a fast period,
butter instead of vegan margarine and added some
cream to it as well...;
however, the one thing
I would do differently is do the
fudge frosting that the recipe called for;
though the cake was still quite good.
The frosting, the little bit
I put on the cake as you see above,
melted as the cake was still warm.
So I covered up the bowl of frosting,
put my canisters in front of the two cakes
to keep Cleo the Cat out of temptation's path
and then went off to bed.

One of the two cakes was a bit high or rounded on top
instead of an even flat.
I made the mistake of putting that cake on the bottom.
This cake is so light and moist that the top cake
broke in three from the rounded cake on the bottom!
Thankfully the frosting covers all
cake mishaps and I recovered the cake beautifully
with the durable frosting! :)

All but one piece was eaten
at coffee hour after church.
Mr. Husband and I enjoyed the last piece later that night
at the hotel we were staying with
for our Monday tasks and I must say I was quite pleased
with how light the cake was
and do hope to make it with the fudge frosting that
this much loved cookbook recommends!

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