Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday Already

I made my first batch of
bread from refrigerated artisan bread

I saved my flour/corn meal from last time since
it seemed such a waste to not do so.

The dough did not look like much
but the bread was pretty good.

It looked nice and real, I love how golden it got.

Autumn and red lampadas.
So many to pray for right now...

My three tiered tray, with butternut squash
waiting to be made into soup!

My two crock pots with the bone broth
being made over several days. 

I am making a list for everyday
to use and most often I get much of it done.

Today I may get a little less done;
had some really severe insomnia last night
and am still quite tired... 

I got our monthly calendar up on a new wall.
It kept falling where it was and
needed a new and different hook to hang from.

I cleared off our window buffet of the
many wonderful cards we had.
Slowly getting ready for Thanksgiving!
I also made more bread dough yesterday,
including some with rosemary
for our Monday meal... 
I am so glad that we have prayer and the Saints to take care of us!
Wishing you all a blessed day!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Two crockpots? Awesome !

Lisa said...

Oh, you're making bone broth - how interesting. I've heard of it. Do you make it often?

Matushka Anna said...

Everything looks so warm and homey!!! And the bread looks delicious!