Wednesday, January 13, 2021

7th Day of Christmas: Progress but where is my rest?

My Mom emailed me this morning that my (second) cousin's wife
went to Hospital last night with sepsis after giving birth in later December.
This blessed candle has been burning all day for her 
(except while we went on our walk, on return I relit it!) 
and we have been praying for her throughout the day...
thankful that her family is so supportive during this time for them.
Of course, asking your prayers! 

Figured out that our thin spatula like Cutco knife cuts this
lovely pound cake with greater success
(before it was crumbling).
I am still waking up feeling sad
but then later feel better.
Tonight I realized, once again, that feeling;
that lonely feeling. Kind of like, Oh, you again?
It did not help that we missed church this past weekend.
Hoping to have a church-filled weekend, masks and all.
I know we are very fortunate to have even that. 

The last of the cream biscuits (top) and some more rescue biscuits
both recipes by the wonderful practical Marion Cunningham.
We did a taste test between the type of biscuits.
The cream one has much less going on, is drier and more dense.
Really great with cream gravy or a cream based meal.
The Rescue biscuits are more airy (because I don't knead, roll or shape),
have a hint, just a hint, of sweetness and a really delightful taste.
I love both but latter has both our hearts as a main biscuit of choice. 
Tomorrow I hope to make my Mom's chili!!! 
We will see how that all goes. 

I actually had part of my plate for dinner.
I am like my Mom, I get bored with meals and want 
something else (or something the same that I always like,
such as an English Muffin with PB 
and either jam/creamed honey/banana) 

Went on my walk again!
I am trying to get back to my 5K steps/day... 

Today, not pictured, is a huge office desk
overhaul + filing cabinet drawer, some other piles,
of paper, cards, past-Sunday school stuff
(from when I used to teach it)...
purged, reorganized and in-process.
It's something we (my Husband and I) have wanted done,
we have embarked on a cleaning/purging/bettering 
our home project.
Now that we have begun I am really excited about it
 (a lot of the work is going to be done by me
but I am good at that sort of thing and much of what needs to be done
is with my things and it's something I always meant to get to
but now actually am)... 
And I have plans for some of the things I am purging
and want to get that ready.
So I guess in ways I would say I am in a bit of a hurry to get it done.
But yeah. REST.  Where art thou?
I just have a hard time with that one right now I guess.
My dishes are soon to start arriving.
I am really happy about that.
I may be having a tiny Christmas dinner in a week and a half.
We shall see! 
I hope so but things are hard to plan right now, given everything.
So THIS post speaks a LOT about things
I am thinking of and is the, ultimate, answer to how to
handle times in our world that are very difficult.
It also is on what I am reading about in the
Christian book that I wrote about the other day
that is so challenging.
I am being challenge again to be more quiet; 
I've had a hard time doing that.
Need to learn, do a small step in that direction.
God be with you all;
May Christ be behind us, in front of us, beside us, IN us...


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

My prayers for you and your family, especially your cousin.
Your table settings are always a joy!

Pilgrim said...

I am sorry for you cousin’s wife, and hope she is better soon.

I have always loved that Spode Christmas pattern. It’s so cheering to see it here.

Unknown said...

loved fr. stephen's words. so helpful! a voice of peace in the midst of passions running wild. thank you.

Mary said...

My candle and prayers for your cousin's wife. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and song at the end. Each day is a gift. "Every morning, I start over again" says St. Anthony. And thanks be to God, each morning, His mercies are new. Be blessed, you and Mr. Husband.

Martha said...

Oh dear, I pray that the harm from sepsis is quite temporary and they are able to care for the new baby with no worries for health.
I know exactly what you mean...when we drive to church for service, I'm always surprised how few churches reopened!
That pound cake is just lovely.