Tuesday, January 19, 2021

12th Day of Christmas and the Feast of Theophany

My Husband and I went to our far away church
for Royal Hours and Vespers Monday morning.
We enjoyed both Middle Eastern and Indian food for
lunch and later dinner. 
Then we went to vigil, which was very beautiful and the
candles so luminous. 

The Feast of Theophany was beautiful.
The Choir had some wonderful men's voices and I was just in heaven
listening to them... it was really special... 
We had the blessing of water which was really beautiful as always.

My friend gave me these cookies, they are my favourite!
(And I just noticed they are made in Lithuania!) 

 So this is the first year that after the 12 days of Christmas,
I am still using my English Christmas Tree dishes.
I just need the beauty to last a little longer.
We found out that some clergy that we know and care about
(though don't see that often) have gotten the dread virus
and 2 are currently in hospital.
It is quite sad and I pray they recover.
I thank God for the 12 days of Christmas.
Now we are in the season of Theophany and we pray that Christ
blesses us and our homes, no matter what
situation we are in because of the ongoing pandemic. 
Meanwhile, we just keep praying, even if we stumble
a lot and are very weary.
My last salad plate, in other news, is coming in the next week.
Then I will have a set of 8 for plates, salad plates and small bowls,
and teacups and saucers.  I also have some butter plates, which are smaller, 
maybe 6 of them.
I am thankful for this and my birthday money ended up covering it all,
including the 3 white and gold bowls I got.
May God have mercy on us.


Granny Marigold said...

And so the Christmas season has come to an end. I hope that in spite of Covid and all that it involved that your Christmas was mostly a happy one.

Pilgrim said...

I got to attend Theophany vespers last year. It was a very interesting service. It is amazing how much theology is contained in those liturgies.