Thursday, January 31, 2019

And towards Friday...

Another full day.
Mr Husband worked from home.
I made lunch and dinner.
Thank God we had chicken soup in the freezer.
We had enough for 2 meals and enjoyed cheese and
crackers as well + delicious salads.
Had a phone meeting.
Did some cards.
Washed dishes. Listened a bit more to the 
lovely story, the Christmas Hirelings. 
I am really hoping still that I don't come down with the cold
that my Husband has, it's wretched. 
I struggled with things a bit but had tea that warmed me.
I am weary, I must admit.
The wrapped in towel tea was my Husband's ginger tea.
I don't have tea cozies yet for my Bodum (French) presses... 
I did get out for a walk today, that was good;
I had not been out since Sunday.
I really hope to make it to vespers tomorrow
and the blessing of candles. 
I am hoping to go to NYC next week.
It all hinges on me not coming down with a cold or getting sick... 
Tomorrow I hope to make elderberry syrup, 
perhaps the lemon jam
and getting our grocery order... 
I can see so much that I need to resume my Thanksgiving
Journal... I can see how I am failing on the
thanksgiving/thought department
I know that I need God's mercy and help
and I am so very glad that His 
mercy is new every morning
and endures forever.


Mary said...

And, to this precious, life saving mercy, that is new every morning, St. Antony the Great said:
"Every morning, I start over again." Every morning, I do to. Maybe, we all do. Thank God. May you richly know His mercy.

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Mary, for your much needed kind words.

Lisa Richards said...

Thank goodness for meals in the freezer! My daughter's microwave hasn't been installed yet due to some electrical issues in her new house, so I loaned her my little microwave. (They left their old one here for me when they moved, so it's sort of theirs, too, lol.) I figure she needs it more than I do with all those littles to feed. But I'm finding it a new experience remembering how to heat up leftovers without a microwave. Isn't that silly? :) I'm learning. I'm not good at remembering to write things in journals, and I find myself forgetting to be in prayer as much as I need to with all the busyness of my move. Hopefully, I'll soon get back into the groove, and I know that the Lord is gracious and merciful as we stumble about trying to stay on course. :) We really do need to start fresh every morning.

Unknown said...

I am praying for your health and for your husband's recovery. Although you may feel as if your gratitude isn't where you'd like it to be I can see in your photos that you are aware of even the smallest gift from God - gratitude for the everyday things and using them to bless others.

Granny Marigold said...

Isn't it wonderful that each day we get a fresh chance to experience God's blessings.
I love new beginnings of any kind and this new month of February inspires me to set some goals for myself and hopefully keep working at them.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Keep drinking your tea and rest. Sleep tight!

elizabeth said...

Lisa - I think God has a lot of mercy for those who are moving! God bless you!
Liza K - thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement, that means a lot to me!
Granny M - YES!!! so much!!!
Gina - thanks so very much! I hope tonight's sleep will be better than last night! :)