Friday, January 04, 2019

"Honey, Life's Too Short For That"

This Dutch tin my Mom gave to Mr Husband for Christmas with his ornament!
 It now has treats I made for Christmas and 
is in a gallon sized freezer bag and is in the freezer waiting for us! 
Years ago, when I was going home from BC Canada, I had a layover in Chicago,
which if you know this airport, it's awful, huge and often puts on you at a gate in 1 terminal
and your next gate is a terminal over. Such was the case that Christmas season, when I was
traveling on Dec 21st and to arrive not that much before my parents would go to my 
Aunt H's birthday party, which I always would come to as well.
I had to run SO HARD to make my flight, to the point that the lady 
was waiting for me, everyone else was already seated,
and I had overexerted myself so much that I could barely breathe and she took one look at me and said: "Honey, Life's Too Short For That".... 
Well, I made it to my Aunt's Birthday party and am glad I did
but also am careful not to fly there the day off, if at all possible! 
Well, I have to say that I MUST do things differently going forward.
No last minute baking sprees with such a deadline.
I LOVE baking but it was too stressful.  
So, new plan: if life throws too many curve balls, and I can't get all my baking done, 
buy chocolate and put it in bags
to give out so everyone is given a little something.
Honey, Life's Too Short For That!
But I am really hoping that I can be more organized ... I have put some dates for
deadlines on my google calendar for 2019 to help me in this.
I realize that this past year so many things I could not blog about happened,
plus extra travel in the Spring, to see my +Aunt Karen before she died
and back for the funeral... so I don't know if I could of done things much better...
one thing is that I could have made more Christmas cookies instead of St Nicholas
cookies as I feel a bit short on Christmas stuff and was NOT short on St Nicholas day.
More people come to Christmas, so it makes sense that I need to plan this a bit better.
Also I did the St Nicholas Dec 6th lunch which was great and I am glad I did it
but also it took time out of baking for Christmas.
Next year I hope to get the baking done well before.
We shall see!
I am glad to have learned a few time saving things, like using foil for bars
and parchment paper for cookies.
We are feeling unexpectedly hopeful about things unbloggable at the moment
and are praying that what seems to, we hope, happening... actually does.
It would mean a lot to us to be able get past this particular struggle... 

I bought refills for one of my pens :) 

Mr Husband surprised me from flowers from work that were no longer needed!

We had leftovers from last night's meal... see the little fork right above?
Middle picture on the bottom :) ... from one of our silver-plate finds, 
perfect for clams and mussels! :) 
this meal tasted SO GOOD.  Like super nourishing and the salad, 
with the vegan croutons, sliced almonds and sunflower seeds and craisins, 
with dressing, was super great also! 
And the fresh out of the oven (pre-baked and frozen) baguette ... was just right.
So ALL the gifts and food gifts are ready now. 
I need to be more organized. 
I have made tonight a list of names so I remember everyone.
And I put it in my google calendar for January 2019,
God willing, I will thank myself then! :)
Well. I may not be able to blog until after Christmas on Monday.
It's going to be a lot of church and visiting from here on in.
Holy Supper (of sorts, we do Asian takeout!) Sunday night!
My candles, icons, stands and table cloth are all packed for it,
as we have it at a dear friend's home! 
My Husband has off work both Monday and Tuesday!
(Christmas and Second Day of Christmas) and we are so excited.
Christmas, finally, it's almost here!!! 


Elizabethd said...

I will be thinking of you as you celebrate your Christmas time.

Granny Marigold said...

When I saw the blue tin that your husband received his gift in it looked so familiar. I went to check and yes, I have 2 identical ones that I use to store things in.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Lisa Richards said...

Yep, life IS too short to sweat the small stuff! :) That supper does sound delicious! Have a blessed Christmas!