Sunday, January 20, 2019

A Lovely Sunday

We stayed local.
It was our first time back at our nearby church yesterday night and 
this morning since December!
It was nice to reconnect with local friends! 
I was given a sweet gift of a journal and a tin with yummy chocolate! 
Later a post-liturgical nap, a game of Dominion (that my sister and my brother-in-law 
taught us back in later December!) which my Husband won by 3 points!
Later we watched The Bishops Wife while enjoying curry leftovers!
Now the dishwasher is running, dishes yet to be done are not too bad and 
organized on the counter, and tomorrow my Husband has the day off!
We have groceries being delivered, a gift basket and the Christmas Crackers are all, DV 
coming tomorrow! So that's really fun!
We are hoping to play another game of Dominion and, I hope, have time for
a Walton's date as well. 
A friend called from our nearby church to hear more details,
as she was at the Dec 6 St Nicholas lunch that I hosted,
and that she helped serve food for, she is kind that way, and she was quick to 
rejoice with us, 'finally!!' she said with joy and immediately that it was 
a miracle of St Nicholas... yes, I think his prayers for this difficulty were 
present and heard and answered! 
It's going to be a busy week!
My Husband is home 2 days this week, I go to NYC later in the week
and have the Christmas dinner to plan and prepare for + we are going DV
to a baptism Saturday late morning! 

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Paula said...

Can you give me a link for that game? I'm always looking for things for Ella and me to play.