Tuesday, January 22, 2019

A Very Full Day

Breakfast with tea! 
A mountain of laundry was done today...
I had a square of the new chocolate I was given on Sunday
and it was so delicious!
I put away the new GP flour I got... the big canister and my two large 
fiestaware canisters took 4 bags of flour (all 3 containers were completely empty!)
The KA flour was on sale - I've never bought that fancy brand before...
but thought it worth it to try with bread recipes... 
I made an easy beef stroganoff! 
I browned stewing beef in butter, added a can of cream of mushroom soup + 1 can water, 
simmered that (adding oregano, salt, pepper and dried minced onion to meat
before sauce was poured on).  
Cooked egg noodles, added sauce that had simmered for over 20 minutes, first covered
and then uncovered to help it boil off and thicken... 
We enjoyed eating it while watching the Waltons over dinner!
We talked about our days over dessert which we had first! :)
Late tonight I finally made the bread and God willing will bake it after
another 2 hour rise and have this for lunch with Mr Husband who is working
from home tomorrow! 
I used active yeast and I added more water and flour to get the 
fruit and nuts mixed in (I used only craisins instead of that + golden raisins). 
We will see how that goes! 
I thankfully have leftovers of the beef stroganoff that we can eat on Thursday!
I talked with my Mom today and a dear friend who I have known for over 20 years! 
Friends of mine had to make a difficult medical decision for their newborn son,
was praying a lot for them...
I am thankful to God for all that I was able to do today...


Lisa said...

Oh, leftovers are everything! If you're going to cook, may as well make extra so you don't have to cook every day. I made beef stew today; Saturday I'll add a can of Dinty Moore and "stretch" it as my mother used to say, and we'll finish it off. She always did that with stew and even though I don't tend to use canned things like that, I do with stew, like she did. Funny tradition, I guess. :)

elizabeth said...

Lisa, oh that is a lovely thing to do though! Yes, leftovers really help things!