Wednesday, January 30, 2019

the Lord's mercy in a windy stormy snow day

Today was a bit of a challenge for me.
I just felt like I could not keep up, was feeling 
a bit fatigued and on that treadmill of duties that never seems to end.
I did watch this short film and the service that this woman shows... well...
puts me to shame but also inspires me to wish to be more self-less,
even if it's a huge struggle...

I was able to read Tolkien tonight, we are in the midst of a very large letter
summarizing his work before the Lord of the Rings was published. 
I had tea and got to read more Miss Read.
Laundry is drying, dishes are being washed in dishwasher,
lots of laundry was folded today
while I listened to The Christmas Hirelings,
that Mat Emily mentioned and that I am just loving! 
My Husband was OK with me buying a second beef roast,
I am so excited... our party and food was very loved and I just wanted more
beef roast like my Mom's and so it is coming Friday, I hope to make it either
Saturday or Sunday.
Today was snow squalls for a short time and tomorrow is going to be bitterly cold
and Mr Husband is going to work from home again.
I am praying that I don't get sick... 
Praying for so many who are in the midst of great struggles
including health... every day I hear of new struggles of others... 
May God help us all and have mercy! 


Peacocks and Sunflowers said...

Thinking of you in the ferocious winter weather. Here on the coast we have had one frosty night this winter, and the snowdrops are out and early cherry/plum blossom in the offing. But it's not all Shangri-la - it's too early for pollinators, especially bees, to be out yet. Last year's fruit crops were dismal for the same reason. And we could get our winter, including snow, in February... As always, your table looks so festive and hospitable! Greetings from YYJ :)

R's Rue said...


Lisa Richards said...

Sounds like so many good things to read and watch! It is especially nice to be indoors and engaging in snug activities right now. Praying for your health!

Unknown said...

I am so happy today because I found your blog again! Somehow I lost touch with your blog about three years ago but kept trying to remember the name of your blog because I so enjoyed reading it! Thankfully, I saw your blog listed on a "favorites" of another blog and I've been reading your old posts off and on throughout the afternoon - I really love your photos and am so happy to see that Cleo is doing well! I've missed your sense of purpose, thankfulness and enjoyment of the simple things that are gifted to us. I'm so looking forward to catching up and reading more in the coming days! Blessings to you and your family!

elizabeth said...

Hi Anna, thanks so much!!! I hope it will be ok for the trees!!! Lord have mercy!

Regine K - thanks.

Lisa - yes! thanks so much!!! It is so nice to be indoors!

Liza, I am glad to meet you! You are welcome here! :) I am glad you like my blog!

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I pray that you sleep well tonight and awake refreshed and feeling better. My son told me about the snow squalls. Yikes! Glad you could stay inside where it is cozy and warm.