Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Wednesday, cold, cloudy and warm inside with freshly baked bread

The bread turned out well!
It was a bit hard to chew through the crust but now that I have stored it and 
it's softened a bit, it's better. 
I still may try not doing the final 10 minute 205F internal temperature part
as it may make for a loaf that is easier to cut through and eat!
It's good though and I am pleased! 
I ended up reading an article by a woman who is desperately poor
and it really saddened me, which of course is a normal right reaction.
But I know I can't remove the problems of the world
but pray about it and think about it a lot.
We do what we can.
I struggled with a feeling of sadness though that I don't think
was ultimately helpful for me.
I already understand that if one is poor it does not mean lazy or making bad choices.
It means you have very little margin for anything to go wrong,
it means a lot of suffering.
I am going to NYC tomorrow ... errands, lunch, dentist and a Trader Joes run, 
God willing.  I ordered sides that I just reheat from our
grocery delivery service, for the Sunday dinner.
DV I am making the cake on Friday, getting the house cleaned and getting
the meat and canned applesauce delivered.
Saturday we are going to a baptism.
Sunday is the dinner! 
I am so excited to make my Mom's beef roast...
The menu is taking shape...
*beef roast
*sides of mashed potatoes, green beans and cauliflower, 
*green salad
*rolls with butter
*apple sauce
hors d'oeuvres:
*cheese and crackers
*cranberry bites
*chex mix 
*chocolate of some kind
*gingerbread cake
*ice cream
*tea and coffee 

Tomorrow I hope to enjoy a good lunch out, get NYC errands accomplished
and perhaps some knitting! 
Here are 2 pictures of a simple scarf I am knitting for a friend!

Tomorrow I am hoping to find these:

We will see what I find!
I am hoping to make more curries in the future and was told about these!
I hope God blesses each of you tonight and that tomorrow is a day
in which you have peace.

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Lisa Richards said...

Yes, it's very easy to get to that place in life where you're on the knife's edge financially, and a small thing can spell disaster. Jesus had such compassion for the poor. If we all do what we can it will help. The scarf is pretty! I'm thinking of making one for my granddaughter, but I'm not good about following through! :)