Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Christmas Miracle on the 4th day of Christmas

Between breakfast, recipe research and a delicious cookie,
a bit before 11 AM, my Husband chatted me the
very good news that we have been praying for,
wishing for, hoping for, desperate for...
these last many months.  
It's a resolution that will still take sometime to unfold
and improve everything that has been so difficult for us for
over 2 years (with other things in the middle of that difficulty,
including losing +Patrick, terrible sickness, my broken ankle, 
losing my +Aunt Karen...) that we can say have been
some of the hardest days and years of our lives
and our married lives of now 6+ years.
It's a Christmas Miracle.
It's the beginning of, we pray, a time of restoration,
of living our lives as we had before this struggle began...
(really it began 3 years ago when we got the flu the first time... 
and then greatly intensified 2 years ago)... 
We are not fully out of the woods as the last years took a real
toll on us in so many ways and it will take time 
to rebuild things after such difficulties
but nonetheless, it is really a 
Christmas Miracle.
I am so very grateful. 
I am praying that this year will be a time of rebuilding 
for us and that we can begin to dream of doing more than
just doing our best to survive the difficulties.
Of course, like everyone's life, we have other things
that are still hard but the lifting of this one heavy difficulty
will help us deal with the rest of life with two feet on the ground
instead of two feet in poor shoes constantly in danger of falling on slippery terrain. 

The night of the 3rd day of Christmas I got a craving for my Mom's Chili. 
I hunted down the small recipe only to search my pantry and saw,
always astounding to me with my ridiculously full pantry, that I did not 
have either the tomato sauce or canned tomatoes! 
So that recipe will be, DV, for next week!
I ordered one can each and they are coming with my Friday morning
grocery delivery! My Mom's Chili recipe is below:

Meanwhile, I got out the lovely Amish cookbook that I was given by a dear friend
and found a simple meatball Stroganoff! 

Well, other than using butter for meatball frying + I used a whole can of water, 
I followed this recipe. ... 
the meat and onions browned up a lot to significant caramelization 
but not burning (but almost!)
 ... I did not drain the meat of any of the butter/oil....
and had a bit before Mr Husband got home and it's SO GOOD.

I was really pleased with it AND 
it was ready for dinner pretty much immediately when 
Mr Husband came home from work and that made me
extra happy! 

This is my new beautiful (and it smells fragrant, lovely!) tea cloth!
I washed a lot of little jars that a friend gave back to me
from various gifts of tea I had given her + a few more.
I am glad to have them, I hope to make more tea in the future!

I finally took apart our lovely Chocolate tower that I was
given for St Nicholas day!
The treasures are now tucked away in our pantry,
with many other treats that amaze me in the abundance of them.
I clearly need to have more people over for tea and chocolate! 

Since we have lots of glorious chocolate, I used some for the Christmas Cracker gifts!
Of course, that means that Mr Husband and I get some of it back, 
but every Christmas Cracker must have a gift!
Speaking of Christmas Crackers, I get mine here from England!
I get the kits which is why the gift part is my choice.
They are made in England I love them!
I bought more recently as I hope to have another Christmas dinner,
I got these in the standard size, I thought red would be perfect!
The Christmas Crackers in the picture above are the over-sized ones, FYI.

I set the table late in the night tonight
and am very happy with it!
I am glad that we have a life that is done in time,
and that we don't know our future; by which I mean that
there are really hard things in life or things we have to figure out
and we could never do it all at once or bear it all at once.
I think of Madeline L'Engle's Other Side of the Sun and how
the happy young times are hard to bear if reading them in the future
when one has dreams but not yet the heartache.
Both are real and life is hard but Christ is born at Christmas
to be with us, to bear the hard with us and in the end,
with our desire, carrying us HOME to be with Him forever....
May we take heart, no matter what we are facing, grieving or hoping for.


Paula said...

Hurray!! I've been praying extra hard for you un-blogable. I sure hope it all works out quickly.

Looks like you are having a wonderful Christmas. Your Christmas crackers make me smile. It wasn't Christmas dinner with my Dad's family if we didn't have our silly paper crowns, dumb jokes, and little trinkets.

Isn't it great when people return your jars? I make preserves for the various sets of parents, my grandma and Colin's sister. Some years I get them back, some years not so much.

Granny Marigold said...

I'm so happy for your Christmas Miracle!!!!

And I like your new tea cloth. It's so lovely.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Glory to God for your Christmas Miracle!

Lisa said...

I'm very glad for your Christmas miracle, Elizabeth!