Friday, January 11, 2019

The 5th Day of Christmas ~ a lovely Christmas Dinner with dear friends

We had a lovely dinner tonight!
Our Munchkin and his Mom came over for dinner!
You should of saw how excited he was to get his gifts, esp the baseball glove.
He also liked a squishy 'blob' ball and we got him 2 Mad Libs, and did 2 of them,
both about Christmas.
The second one was to the tune of 'deck the halls' and by then our Munchkin was falling 
asleep so I read it out loud with singing and hammed it up :)
He guess rightly about both Mad Libs; we have gotten them for him various times
so that was really fun!
The Turkey Casserole returned again for this dinner and was enjoyed by all.
The Munchkin asked for seconds, as did everyone else :) 
I love so much the reflection in the window of the lights...
I made sure the blinds were all the way up...
Today was a really busy day.
I did online errands, got groceries delivered and put away,
had a bookshelf (a folding one, pre-assembled) delivered and I opened it,
put it up, moved the other one, taking all books off of it, and got
a bunch of books from the library for it and now there are kids books,
Fairy Tales, stories and novels (kid and YA) on this...
Here's how it looks now...

I am really pleased with it.
That was a big job to do before the dinner prep!
But it all got done and the food was pretty much ready when 
it was supposed to.
We got a darling gift from Mr Husband's parents, 
my beloved parents-in-law, 
it has many treats in it! 
I can't wait to enjoy it!!!

I love it and hope to use it again for decoration! 
We have so many treats again this Christmas!
I am really grateful! 
I called my Mother-in-law and she said she hoped we would
enjoy the treats and perhaps have a stay-at-home movie date night
and enjoy them! 
That sounds like a very good plan to me.
Tomorrow is going to be a busy day again.
I am, for all the treats we were given, doing my best to 
not overdo it with sugar; I know that with all the sickness going around,
it's best to be careful; I am having some elderberry syrup most days as well...
I am so thankful that thus far, we are still in good health and not
sick with the flu, etc. 
May God help us all! 


Elizabethd said...

It all sounds very lovely, and what fun to have a young visitor too!

Granny Marigold said...

I like the lovely way you set your table. And the beautiful reflection of the lights and candles. I'm imagining all the treats in the gift basket from your MIL.

Gina said...

Elizabeth, your dinner looks so delicious. If I were a guest, I wouldn't want to leave! And your trees are lovely. My kids and I used to love Mad Libs!

GretchenJoanna said...

That is a beautiful festal setting, with all the lights and candles. My goodness, your "Munchkin" is growing up!

Lisa said...

Good for you, getting that book shelf set up, and dinner on time! Does Cleo ever get into the food when it's one the table and you're not looking? We have to watch out for Sweetie.